Ripe Organic - Organic Food

Ripe is the UAE’s leading provider of fresh, local organic fruits and vegetables. We’re a team of food fanatics, on a mission to educate and engage the community in our passion for local, organic and seasonal produce.

Ripe Markets offers a unique alfresco shopping experience, with four weekly markets in the UAE. With organic fruit and veggies from Ripe and some of the UAE’s hottest and most talented foodies and artists, the Ripe Food And Craft Markets are an amazing event which bring together both the local and expat community. www.ripeme.com

Aviation Professionals Club (APC)

The Aviation Professionals Club

is social club founded in 2000 when a group of dedicated airline pilots came together and created an exclusive social club that would open the door for its members to the good life in Dubai. The APC is now one of the most renowned clubs in the Emirates, home to more than 9,000 members. A voluntary, non-profit club, the membership is exclusive to all UAE based pilots and their families, from Emirates, Etihad, Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, Royal Flights, private airlines and associated members in the UAE.
Working with a select group of partners, the APC sources and selects the very finest social, sporting and leisure offers to grant our members privileged access to a rewarding lifestyle that may otherwise be out of reach. APC members enjoy discounts with M&S Sports. Visit our website at www.apc.ae

Dubai Plus

Dubai Plus, a first of its kind City Privilege Card program for government and semi-government employees in Dubai offering various benefits and discounts including loyalty points on purchases and services.
The program is an initiative by DED and DGHR that comes in line with the ‘Happiness Index’ for Dubai.
A multi-segment program and all-in-one shopping solution, the Dubai Plus program involves a smart card equipped with the highest level of security, along with a program management platform, a website and a mobile application.
The privileges offered by Dubai Plus covers various sectors such as fashion, food and beverage, hospitality, entertainment, electronics, and travel. Dubai Plus members will also be entitled to a range of value-added services from a dedicated management team, which will also information and consultancy to make shopping a pleasure for customers.


Koita is organic cow’s milk, free from hormones, and artificial preservatives. CEO Mustafa Y. Koita started Koita in 2013 with the ultimate goal of bringing great premium and organic foods to the everyday consumer in the region. Mustafa is responsible for the strategic vision and customer service at Koita, and notably, he personally reviews every single end-customer inquiry to ensure they are given the highest priority. Koita grew from 1 country to 5 Countries in 2016 Koita, now available across 500+ outlets, as well as online and gives a percentage of net profits back to charity. The company was named by Forbes Middle East Magazine as one of the Top 50 Start-ups in the UAE. For more information: www.koita.com