We understand that today’s busy lifestyles can sometimes demand attention elsewhere and leave little time to prepare healthy meals for the whole family.

That’s why we’ve introduced meal plans, designed to make life a little easier when it comes to meeting your fitness goals, controlling medical conditions and managing food intolerances.

Our nutritionists and chefs will work hand-in-hand to put together balanced meal plans that are tailored to your needs.
Every dish from gluten-free and sugar-free options to Paleo, vegetarian and vegan use organic ingredients and are prepared in a way that locks in flavor and nutrients. You have a choice between our ‘ready-to-go’ menus (1 and 2) or ‘100% ME’ (3) bespoke meal plans.

Start today and live better.

1 – Eat Well and Cleanse:

Revitalize yourself with the Detox Plan. Aid your body’s natural cleansing process by making it easier to eliminate toxins while maintaining good levels of energy during the detox period.

This meal plan is divided into 7/10/14 day intervals, and food quantities are established on your individual needs and the prescription of our nutritionist.

2 – Eat what You Need:

These meal plans are specially planned around your physical condition and aims to supplement it accordingly. Food quantities are established on your individual needs and the prescription of our nutritionist.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided for the following categories: Fertility, Athletes, Weight and Diabetes.

• Mums-To-Be
Your body needs to be in optimal health when you want to conceive. But it doesn’t just stop there – creating a miracle needs the building blocks of life. This meal plan will nourish your body and keep you ready for when it’s time to grow your family.
This meal plan offers the nutrition needed for keeping your body in the best conditions for when you plan to add little ones to your family.
N.B. You can also combine this Meal Plan with our DHTC services, i.e.: Fertility Treatments / Obstetrics / Gynecology / Occupational Therapy / Homeopathy / Pediatrics / Psychology for Kids.

• Energize Athletes:
You do the training. We’ll do the cooking. One of the main challenges for athletes and fitness fans is to meet their constant need for energy. This meal plan ensures that you are receiving the right nutrients to keep you energized between and during training sessions.

• Weight Management:
The Weight Loss Meal Plan has benefits for everyone, whether you exercise regularly or just want to lose a few kilos. Every meal will be designed according to the calories you need to burn in a very healthy way. Even though our main meals in this menu focus on weight loss, this meal plan can also help people gain weight. Speak to our nutritionist for more information.

• Control Diabetes:
Healthy eating is paramount to keeping diabetes in check. With the right diet, you can maintain your blood sugar levels while staying fresh and energetic throughout your day. This Diabetic Meal Plan can easily fit into your normal daily life and will enable you to enjoy foods like never before.

3 – 100 % ME - Eat Bespoke and Delicious:

With Eat Well, you can change your way of life with tasty solutions. 100% ME is a tailor-made meal plan where every single meal is prepared by our chef, in line with your dietary preferences. We recommend consulting with our nutritionist and having clinical tests done, so your plan can be devised according to your health goals and result requirements. It is a ‘100% ME’ option you won’t regret!

Full Day

3 meals + 2 snacks

3745 AED20-days

AM package

2 meals + 1 snacks

2460 AED20-days


3 meals + 2 snacks

1497 AED7-days


3 meals + 2 snacks

4920 AED20-days

PM package

2 meals + 1 snacks

2995 AED20-days


3 meals + 2 snacks

2299 AED14-days


1 meal + 1 snack

1390 AED20-days

Juicing Detox

6 juices per day

640 AED3-days