In a city where brunches are glamorous, restaurants dot the city like a celestial map and fast food outlets are all too happy to deliver whatever you want, whenever you want, it can be tough to choose healthier options and even tougher to maintain the willpower to stick to it.

If you’re ready to heal your relationship with food and nourish your body with nutrition and self-care, we’re here for you. We’ll take the effort out of healthy eating and leave the tasting to you.
We’ve put together a menu that is nutrient dense, high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and filled with ingredients that will give you a natural health boost.

At Eat Well, you’ll see healthy food in a new way. We’re making it tasty, trendy and best of all, desirable.
Yes, desirable. We’re talking about gourmet food. Delicious dishes laid out by experienced staff, making sure every bite looks impossibly scrumptious. You’ll want to order “what she’s having!”

You’re invited to Eat Well. Come feel inspired and fuel your body the right way while you take in the views of Downtown Dubai.


Eat Well prides itself in being the first lifestyle restaurant, offering health conscious foodies in Dubai bespoke meals designed by our Wellness Chef.

What is healthy? We at Dubai Herbal & Treatment Centre believe that this is very subjective. It depends entirely on your particular circumstances, nature, and goals.
That’s why an individual approach to your health and wellbeing is at the core of our philosophy. For years we have been treating our clients with a personalized combination of alternative and allopathic treatments and supplements. Now we’ve expanded our services even more!

Based on this fundamental conviction, we created our new restaurant Eat Well and are proud to introduce mouth-watering food creations designed by our Wellness Chef.

Our meals are generally gluten and re-fined sugar free. But there is a lot more to savor!

We also offer Paleo, Vegetarian, and Vegan options. It’s an absolutely new concept; a captivating idea that puts ordinary dishes into the center of your health conscious lifestyle.
Our ingredients are organic, seasonal, and sourced locally from environmentally responsible suppliers wherever possible.

Not only do we serve deliciously healthy food at our restaurant, but we also grant you the pleasure of eating well at home by offering bespoke meal plans tailored to your personal needs.
Your taste buds will rejoice whether you will eat our meals in the comfort of your own home or in our restaurant with breathtaking views over downtown Dubai.

Eat Well – where healthy meets delicious.



In 2003, Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre (DHTC) introduced a more natural solution to wellbeing.
By creating health and wellness programs which offer one or a combination of conventional (allopathic) and CAM (Complementary and Alternative) treatments, DHTC took a more holistic approach to bringing harmony to the body and mind.
After many years of experience in the healthcare field, noticing that the market lacked support in terms of diet and nutrition, DHTC founded the concept of Eat Well.


In 2016, Eat Well Restaurant was integrated into DHTC facilities for a truly comprehensive wellness offering. It highlights the importance of nourishing ingredients in modern life, addresses the growing demand from its clients and is without a doubt, another cornerstone of this incredible establishment.



If you enjoy your food you don't want to compromise your health goals.

We all want to eat tasty foods that complement our goals, whether that's building muscle, losing weight or just performing better!

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Offer exclusively on full day & half day plans at Eat Well.

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To know more or to book your meal plans contact 05447 66326 | info@dubaieatwell.com


Our Gluten Free Legendary Brunch is look forwarded by the community, family and friends for the healthiest & tastiest of options offered unparalleled to any other venue.

Trust us the salads, starters, mains and those mouthwatering sugar free desserts are to die for.

So if you believe your Friday should include indulgence without compromising health goals then Eat Well Friday Brunch is the place to be.

Available: Every Friday 11.30 am onwards

Price: 99 AED

Enjoy your food, while professional caretakers from @elitebabiesandtots, will look after your kids at our dedicated kids play area.

For reservations – 05447 66326 info@dubaieatwell.com


Delighted to announce the launch of EAT WELL new digital contact less menu!

Offering warm hospitality to local and international clientele with exciting new flavors.

Now each dish is visually available on our tablet or scan the QR Code so you know exactly what you want and how it looks before presented to you.

Our new A la Carte menu features gluten free pastas, soups, sandwiches along with variety of salads, starters, mains and zero sugar desserts.

We look forward to welcoming you to eat well soon!