As part of a comprehensive approach to a healthier lifestyle, we’ve introduced Eat Well cooking classes, to make heathy eating more attainable, and practical. Develop healthy cooking habits with 3 types of cooking classes:

I. Know what to cook to eat well

Let highly qualified Chef Patrick teach you the benefits of applying our philosophy to cooking and eating, in a private classroom with a peaceful environment.  These cooking classes will enable you to feel more comfortable in the kitchen, and help you incorporate healthy methods and recipes in your daily life.

II. Know what to cook to eat well – for Domestic Helpers

We have created an easy-to-understand class to educate your domestic helper about healthy meals and how to prepare them. This cooking class will enable your helper to be more confident in the kitchen and have the ability to prepare tasty and well-balanced meals for your family.

III. Know what to cook to eat well – for Teenagers

Did you know that cooking and eating are both activities that bring families closer? We want teens to be more involved in the kitchen so that future generations continue to Eat Well. This class will transform your youngsters into healthy, happy little chefs through fresh themes and exciting programs that encourage discovery and creativity.